William E Amos III, DMD | A Message to the Women of the Practice in Washington

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Washington PA 15301


A Unique Dental Experience

 William E Amos III DMD


A Message to the Women of the Practice

We get it!  Women have enormous pressures, for all different reasons, put on them every day.  We don't want to be another one!  The staff in dental offices are mostly women for a variety of reasons.  Caregiver, comforter, safe-haven are just a few of the roles both you and our staff bring as a member of the "fairer" sex.  Fairer sex my eye!

You are tougher, smarter, and more tuned in than ever.  You are not your mother by a long shot.  You work in high-tech, high priority jobs, while balancing families, friends, and hobbies.  There is not one area of life you do not touch with an appropriate amount of toughness, and tenderness, as only you are able.   You want all the best life has to offer right now, and quickly toss aside tedious and frivolous annoyances.  We get it!

We see you on-time, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and LISTEN TO YOU!  We have all the technology and training needed to provide comfortable and expedient service, tailored to what you, a woman, need and desire.  We are told we are disarming because our patients expected different.  To be given the time to sit and really listened to is not a norm in your world.  We do it.  To have treatment plans tailored to your budget is not what you were expecting.  We are there. Need a certain time of day?  We have mornings, afternoons, evenings, and some weekend hours available.  Money an issue?  We offer dental plans and payment plans that can help. 

We could go on but you should be starting to see we really are different.  Women do not put themselves first.  Our office will.  Get that makeover.  Treat yourself to a better, brighter smile!  You ARE worth it!  You DESERVE it!  By helping yourself you are insuring you will be that better person for those whose lives you touch.      

One last thing, we offer FREE CONSULTS!!  Take the briefest of time for yourself and see what possibilities better dentistry is all about.  We promise not to make it a wasted trip. 



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